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Parade Rules

Our goal is to create a wonderful memory for those children and adults who participate and view our parade. This tradition, which was begun so many years ago, continues to be one of our favorite events of the year. Please read all of the guidelines below to make sure our parade is both special and safe. A copy of the rules may be dowloaded by clicking the PDF icon on the left panel of the main page.

  1. Every entry must depict the theme of the parade through decorations and dress of participants. This includes every bicycle, motorcycle, truck, car and vehicles with logos.

  2. No candy or materials may be handed out along the parade route by any unit or walkers.

  3. Each entry may have only 2 motorized vehicles. (Only exceptions are bicycle and motorcycle units.Motorcycle units are limited to 10.)

  4. Motorcycles, bikes and all vehicles must observe safe conduct before and during the parade.

  5. Bands, drill teams and marching units will not be allowed to perform routines that would delay or stop the parade.

  6. Due to the increased length of the parade, no car clubs will be allowed entry. Individuals may drive their antique cars in the parade as an individual entry and registration. Only cars made prior to 1960 may be registered as an antique.

  7. Horses will not be allowed in the parade unless they are wearing a "diaper".

  8. No live impersonation of Santa Claus or live depiction of Christ on the cross will be permitted.

  9. All entries must be approved by the Parade Committee.

  10. All applicants must be mailed to the committee by November 15th. A late fee of $50 along with the $100 application fee  must accompany applications after this date.

  11. Judging: All units who wish to be judged must be in place by 5:30. (All other units MUST be in place by 6:00 PM). All judging takes place before the parade begins. An identical entry cannot win two years in a row. Judging will be based on consideration of theme, eye appeal, participants and costumes.

  12. Fee: $100 per entry. No application will be processed unless accompanied by the $100 fee (or $150 fee after Nov. 15th deadline).

  13. Applicants must either fill out the .pdf application and save to .pdf to email along with a PayPal payment, or they must print it out and mail it to the address indicated on the application along with a check or money order made payable to the Rome Christmas Parade. (School bands are exempt from the application fee).

  14. All entrants must be at the parade route by 5:30 PM regardless of whether or not they are being judged. Entries arriving after 6:00 PM may be placed at the end of the parade route.

  15. Please be sure your Driver reads all of these instructions. You can download them from the main page left panel to share .


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