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Grand Marshal(s)

2023  CHRISTmas--It's a Wonderful Life

2022  The Joys of Christmas

2021  It's Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

2020  Miracle on Braves Blvd

           /Saluting the Heros of 2020

2019  Let it be Christmas Everywhere!

2018  The King is Born

2017  Peace on Earth

2016  Christmas through a Child's Eye

2015  A Colonial Christmas  

2014  Holly Jolly Christmas 

2013  Christmas at the Movies
2012  It's A Wonderful Christmas
2011  A Musical Christmas          
2010  A Green Christmas                    
2009  An Anniversary Christmas        
2008  A Family Christmas                   
2007  A Storybook Christmas             
2006  A Hometown Christmas             
2005  Christmas Around the World                    2004  Christmas Memories

2003  A Christmas of Thanks           
2002  An American Christmas            
2001  The Sounds of Christmas          
2000  The Bells of Christmas

1999  Old Fashioned Christmas    
1998  Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas   

1997  Twelve Days of Christmas                                1996  White Christmas / A King is Born                    1995  The Angels of Christmas                                  1994  The Magic of Christmas                                  1993  Home for Christmas                                          1992  All About Christmas                                    1991  Christmas in Rome, GA                                  1990  Toyland Toy land /A King is Born                    1989  White Christmas / A King is Born                    1988  Hark the Herald Angels Sing                    1987  Christmas Now and Then                                  1986  Do You Hear What I Hear?        

Jan Fergerson

Mary Hardin Thornton

Doug Walker

Mike McDougald

John Schroeder

William S. Davies

Dr. Paul Ferguson and Frank Barron, Jr.

Judge Greg Price

John Bennett

Rev. Cary Ingram
Ralph White
Nelle Reagan
Sam and Janet Baltzer
Hubert Smith
Bob Moore
Bill and Martha Fricks
Rev. Warren Jones
Janet Byington
Nancy Smith
Anne Culpepper
Randy Davis
Napoleon Fielder
Mickie Dobbs
Julia Dodd
Martha Kennedy
John Carruth                           

Stanley Payne
Garry Fricks
Nathan McClinic
Alex Mills
Predetha Thomas
Jerry Rucker
Wesley Johnson
C.J. Wyatt
Frances Dent
Bruce Hamler
Robert Redden
Mary McKenzie

*Note, this parade has been continuous since the 1950's although managed by different groups of volunteers, local government, and Chamber of Commerce.  This record of themes and Grand Marshals covers years that the current committee has been in charge of the parade only.

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